Authentically Belfast Handmade Jewellery

Introducing Empathy Creations, where every piece is meticulously crafted by the talented hands of Nikki Terlik in the heart of Belfast. Inspired by the essence of empathy, each creation tells a story, reflecting the beauty and uniqueness of its wearer. From delicate necklaces to stunning earrings, Nikki's authentic designs capture the essence of elegance and grace.

Discover Empathy Creations at Belfast's iconic St. George's Market, where tradition meets innovation. With every piece, Nikki infuses a touch of her passion and dedication, ensuring that each creation resonates with its wearer on a deeply personal level. Elevate your style and embrace the artistry of Empathy Creations – where every piece is more than jewelry, it's a testament to the power of empathy and craftsmanship.

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Saturday 15th June 2024 - St George’s Market Belfast
Saturday 29th June 2024 - St George’s Market Belfast

Saturday 13 July 2024 -St George’s Market Belfast
Saturday 27 July 2024 - St George’s Market, Belfast